Monday, January 13, 2014

Book Reviews

So, I have read and finished several books, and read and not finished several more. I thought I would just heap them all into one review and see what happens. Ready? Okay.

Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell: Wives and Daughters is a classic novel that sounded right up my alley. And I loved the BBC version of it. (You can see the review here.) I started this book and get along very well. It is rather long, but I was already on chapter 17 and it had only been a couple of days! But then school started and I found myself not really reading that anymore. It was not because it was bad, in fact, I remember thinking that this was a lovely story and I loved when Molly was at the Miss Browning's. I have lately gotten into the bad habit of just letting books go. But I hope to pick it up again one of these days. I wish I had not watched the mini series first, as now I am rather impatient for Certain Proposals. (If that is even included in the work, as I know Gaskell died before the completion of this novel. Most unsatisfying, I know.)

Forty Acres and No Mule by Janice Holt Giles: This was one of my grandma's favorite authors, so I thought I would give her a try. It turned out that I had picked her autobiography of her beginnings at her and her husband's farm in the Kentucky mountains. I was a little worried, but it was not dull and factual, so I proceeded on my way. It was unlike anything I have ever read. The village is behind the times, even for just after WWII. They were a biblical society, living by God's rules, and not so much a governments. Most of them were hardworking farmers without electricity or even indoor plumbing! (that is where I draw the line) Yet Jan and her husband Henry were not happy with city life and so decided to move back to Henry's boyhood hometown. And after a little adjusting they had a marvelous time. It stressed simplicity, hard work, and yet calm. Jan seemed very happy and by the end said she wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I think all of us could use some of this happy simplicity, but as a lifestyle? I, for one, wouldn't really want to take that challenge.... I will count this as a finished read, because I read it word for word diligently and by the last 50 pages skimmed and scanned so I could get the happily ever after and on to a new book I was eyeing....


The Princess and the Sage by Anneliese Blakeney: I found Anne-girl's blog a couple of months ago, and enjoyed reading about her literary pursuits. Then I found that a delightful Lewis Carol-ish story that she'd been posting snippets of was actually out for people to buy! So I hurried to Amazon and ordered myself one. It is a quick and light read, but very funny and nonsensical. It is the author's first novel to be published and I enjoyed it muchly. 

I reread At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon before my mom came home with a stack of library books that I shall read after exam week. (Although they are so tempting. This reminds me that scene in Anne of Green Gables when Anne is studying the dreaded geometry so Gilbert doesn't get ahead, and she tells Matthew he should lock up that "thrilling" book her school chum gave her until she is finished studying, as it is such a temptation! I should do that...)

I may post reviews of the library books later, but for now I am ending this post, as that is all I have read thus far, and I have some science to study....