Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunshine Award

I have been nominated by Hamlette for the Sunshine Award. So I have to answer five questions:
1.  What is the next book you plan to read?
I plan to read Corrie ten Boom's book The Hiding Place. I have heard good things about that book, but I am hesitant to start it because I know it'll be sad. :(

2.  Have you ever seen the same movie in the theater more than once?
Hmm... nope. I actually don't go to the theater that much, period. I watch more old movies than new ones.

3.  Do you prefer pirates or cowboys?
Hmm... Cowboys. Pirates would rob me and sink my ship. Cowboys are usually good and they are country, so they would probably have a sweet Southern drawl. :)

4.  Have you ever been to an ocean?
Yes, in fact I just came back from a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC... so beautiful! We watched the sunset on the beach every night and there were always dolphins nearby where we were staying. 

5.  You're casting a new movie version of your favorite book.  Who are your top choices for the leads?

Hmm... I can't think of any improvements I would want to make of the movie version of Anne of Green Gables with Meagan Follows, so I shall choose another favorite book. I'll pick a trilogy. And I don't care if that is "cheating." It's my blog. :)

The Mark of the Lion series: (If I were choosing my dream cast)

Emmy Rossum

Marcus Valerian

Julia Valerian
Ryan Newman

Chris Hemsworth

Gemma Arterton

Amanda Seyfried

Logan Learman

Ian Somerhalder

Emilia Clarke

Dr. Alexander
Emanuele Bosi

Here are just some of the characters and how I envisioned them to be. I got these pictures and ideas from some Mark of the Lion dream cast Pinterest boards I'm following, so the credit really goes to them. :)
I know I haven't done Julia's 1st or 3rd husband, Decimus, Bato, Theophilus, Ania, and other characters (there are a lot!) but I tried my best. 
Man I wish this was a real movie!!! Are there any Hollywood directors reading my blog (haha)? Cause we could make this thing happen :)

Well this was fun! Thanks for nominating me Hamlette.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Review of Stepping Heavenward

Stepping Heavenward is an amazing book! I am surprised I haven't heard about it before now. It is in my favorite time period 1800s-1900s. The book begins January 15, 1831 when Kate Mortimer, the heroine, turns 16 years old. (Already we had that in common :)) 

Kate is kind, impetuous, short tempered, fun, amusing, and I wish she was my friend. She begins as a carefree sixteen year old who wishes to have more out of life. She believes she could find the fulfillment she needs in Christianity, as her mother does. 

And so begins "One Woman's Journey to Godliness," as the cover says. Kate is not a perfect saint, though she does good deeds and is definitely a godly woman. She has difficulties, bumps, in the roads, doubts, and tempers. She is extremely easy to relate to. She is a wonderful picture of the Christian life as it should be, turning to and depending on her Savior through every trial, whether big or small.

Her husband is just who I picked out for her immediately, before I even really fully knew who he was. And her rash romance earlier in the book I never liked. I understood why she was deceived, but I knew that Charley would be no good for her.

Her trials with Martha and Martha's father were sometimes  humorous, sometimes exasperating, and always interesting. 

Dr. Earnest Elliott was reserved, and sometimes I would despair along with Katy his lack of showing affection. But he truly loved her though he wasn't demonstrative. I am still rather upset that he forgot some of their wedding anniversaries, but he had a lot on his plate most of the time. 

Mrs. Mortimer, Kate's mother, was almost too good to exist. I didn't mind though, because she is very lovable. Helen Elliott was a darling and just shy of being too perfect. My heart broke for her when the tragedy happened. (I won't tell you what that is, because I don't want to spoil it for you!)

Miss Clifford was a delight, she was so sparkling, witty and vivacious. And dear saintly Mrs. Campbell who had to go through many trials and was an invalid, taught me along with Kate about some great spiritual truths. Finally, I must mention Reverend Cabot, who was with Kate throughout the journey, patiently guiding her, answering questions, and giving her a Sunday School position. His wife, also, though a very minor character, was an inspiration. 

This book was wonderful, convicting, and it answered a lot of the questions I had about the Christian walk. I can only hope by the end of my life I am half as good and godly a women as Kate Mortimer Elliott was.

This is a wonderful book, and Kate is sort of Anne Shirley and Jo March combined. So you can't really go wrong with that, can you? You must read this book. It has quickly become one of my favorites that I know I shall reread again and again.