Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Liebster Award

I have won the Liebster Award! Twice! Once from Collar City Brownstone and a second time from Whimsey Keith. You must answer the 11 questions they give you, give the award to five other blogs, and make up your own 11 questions. This is my second time doing this because dear Blogger decided to delete my first one! :'(

1).  To date, what has been the best time of your life and why?
When we moved to our new house I'd say, about two years ago. I'm now at a wonderful school with wonderful friends! :)

2).   Describe your dream life.
My dream life has my dream house (which I described here) with a job I love with flexible hours. If you want me to be more specific, I would love to go into something with writing/literature. I see a Gilbert/Mr. Knightley out there, and we'd have three kids (one boy, two girls I think). I'd live in a cottage by the sea in the Carolina's; a summer house in P.E.I. I'd have a little book shop and tea shop. That'd be lovely. That's my dream life. 

3).  What book do you treasure most and would never loan out to anyone?  Why?
Anne of Green Gables. It's what got me started on classics and old fashioned things.... which is kind of my life now. I have a worn and well loved copy that I'd never lend to anyone. It's too dear.

4).  When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I still consider myself a little girl, but when I was a little little girl I had a couple things: doctor, waitress, teacher, movie star, singer, Lucy Ricardo (that was a silly one), and then I wanted to be a vet. Being allergic to cats is a problem though. I have no idea what I want to be now. 

5).  Want country would you most want to relocate to?
England! It's Jane Austen territory. And Dickens and Agatha Christie, etc. It's absolutely stunning, I believe. And the accents are adorable ;)

6).  Are you a city gal, country gal or must be near a beach?
Must be near a beach! The sound of the waves, the lighthouse, the feel of the sand beneath my toes.... ahh. The sea in all its moods is mesmerizing.

7).  What is special about you?
What is special about me..... hmmm. There must be something. I am a Betsy-Tacy lover who has gone to a convention in Minnesota for it. That's something not everyone can say. I can quote old books and period drama movies. I like old shows like I Love Lucy, the Donna Reed Sow, the Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore, etc. I'm also growing to love Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. (Thanks Hamlette!)

8).  What is your all time favorite movie?
Anne of Green Gables. The first and second. Amazing adaptations of my favorite book! :)

9).  What is your favorite song?
It changes all the time. Currently, it's "Crazy" by Patsy Cline.

10).  Do you prefer Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy?
Neither is the PERFECT Mr. Darcy, you know. I like them both, but if I had to choose, Colin Firth. I wish they would both smile more, though!

11).  Would a trip to see the ancient city of Petra interest you or do you find touring boring?
I just looked it up, and I think it looks cool. I'd love touring it! I'll be one of those tourists with a guidebook and camera, oohing and ahhing.

And now for Whimsey Keith's questions:
1. What, to you, is the definition of joy? Even a brief second of happiness, without worry or care, when there's nothing but that wonderful moment.
2. If you were like Helen Keller, both blind and deaf, and I offered you three days to see and hear, what would you do? Employ your imaginations! I would see the seven wonders of the world, travel to P.E.I, actually watch a movie, take a walk through nature, and see all my family and friends.

3. If I offered you coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, which would you take? Tea!  I am a big tea drinker. Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Mayor's cup, regular....
4. Would you rather take a three day vacation to Disneyland or a three week vacation touring the vast majority of America's historical sights? Three week to the cast majority of America's historical sights; I'm funny like that ;)
5. If you were offered a cabin in the woods, a cottage on the beach, or an apartment in the city, which would you choose?  A cottage on the beach. Didn't know I'd choose that, did you? ;)
6. If you had the opportunity to go para sailing, would you go? I hope I would. It's a wonderful opportunity  Sometimes I scare myself and talk myself out of opportunities. Very bad of me, really...
7. You have suddenly become a millionaire. What are you going to do with your money? Wow, um.... I have no idea. Strangely enough, I really haven't fantasized about myself being a millionaire.  I suppose I'd use it to make my dream life come true,, then donate some to charities. Sounds kind of boring, huh? I suppose I'd probably do one rather silly thing and travel all around the world.
8. Guess what! You have happened upon a time machine!!! Which historical figure are you going to spend the day with? L.M. Montgomery! I love her books. (as you all know) I have actually fantasized about this very thing, lots of times. I always swear I was born in the wrong time period.

9. Out of all the heroines in historical fiction, who do you admire the most? Surprise surprise.... Emily Webster, actually. She didn't do anything supremely wonderful, but she went through some hardships and pulled through. She is a lot like me, and I relate to her and look up to her.
10. Out of all the heroes in historical fiction, who do you most admire? Gilbert! He's a normal guy, not really the "hero"type. He is kind, considerate, funny, and down to earth. He's a real person, you know?
11. And lastly, if you were offered a pet baby mule or a pet baby goat, which would you adopt? Pet baby goat, I guess. I've never had the inclination to have either one, but you know.... if I was offered one, that would be what I'd choose.

Now, to offer awards to others! Unfortunately, my others have already gotten the award! I shall name them again, so they get some recognition, but I hope they do not feel they need to answer another set of questions if they don't want to:

3.     The Story Girl
5.     Whimsey Keith 
The questions are:
1.     If you could have any super power, what would it be?
2.     What is your favorite childhood memory?
3.     Who's your favorite actor/actress?
4.     Who do you admire/look up to?
5.     Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
6.     If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?
7.     Quick: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, or Emma?
8.     What's your favorite "guilty pleasure?"
9.     Would you rather go on a cruise or climb a mountain?
10. Describe what you would choose if your personality was to be expressed in a piece of clothing.
11. Do you like mysteries, romances, fantasy, classics, non-fiction or sci-fi?


  1. Awww. Thanks! It's nice to be appreciated, isn't it? And to know others enjoy reading your posts? Anytime I get comments, it simply makes my day! :)

    I really enjoyed your answers! Love the fact that you wanted to be Lucy Ricardo. She was quite a woman! And I agree about the Anne of Green Gables adaptations. Wonderfully done! I can't count how many times I've watched them.

    Also, you made a great point. Gilbert is very much a real person. Maybe not a hero to go out and save a damsel in distress, but pretty awesome in his own right! :)

  2. Thanks for awarding me this again! I will answer the questions here, if that's okay, since I did a set on my blog earlier.

    1. Well, Wolverine is my favorite superhero, and super healing like he has would be really handy. If I had to make up my own superpower, I'd love to have the ability to make children nap when they're supposed to.

    2. I have so many! I don't know that I can choose just one. Maybe the first time we visited Colonial Williamsburg -- I was probably 13, does that still count as childhood?

    3. Actor = John Wayne. Actress = Maureen O'Hara. I'm old-fasioned ;-)

    4. John Wayne -- he did what he believed was right, not what was popular. Jackie Robinson -- he showed America they really needed to judge people on their abilities and who they are, and he had amazing personal integrity too. Joseph in the Bible -- he trusted God when the bottom dropped out of his life on multiple occasions, and he forgave his brothers for their betrayal. St. Paul -- he faced a lot of obstacles after his conversion, especially on account of his previous behavior, but he didn't stop sharing the saving truth about Jesus.

    5. I like both! But I like dogs a bit better.

    6. The past.

    7. P&P

    8. Dipping minty Oreos in coffee.

    9. Um, climb a big mountain like Everest or something? I'd go on a cruise.

    10. Comfy jeans.

    11. I like all of those! In order of my favoriteness, they would be: mysteries, classics, non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. (But not "romance novels" -- ew!)

  3. Hi,

    I am thrilled to have won the Liebster award again! YAY!!!

    I am reading Anne of Green Gables for the very first time, so I understand why you love it so much.

    I will answer the new questions very soon.

    Love and hugs!