Thursday, May 2, 2013

Period Drama Tag Questions for April

1. What period dramas have you watched in April?
I only did a review on Wives & Daughters, but I also saw an old Miss Marple that I think counts as period drama, but I am not positive.
2. Have you ever watched a period drama where the characters time traveled between eras (i.e. Somewhere In Time, Lost In Austen, From Time To Time)?
No, not that I can remember, actually.
3. What historical era is your favorite and why?
My favorite historical era is... Edwardian times. I simply adore  them! (With Regency coming in a close second..) I love them because of the dresses, the big hats, the shoes, the culture, the simplicity, Road to Avonlea... need I say more?
4. How many William Shakespeare film adaptations have you seen?
Only two..... sadly. I have seen the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet (against my will) and the older version with Olivia Huessey. (I think that's how you spell it... this one was the better version, in my opinion.)
5. If a new biographical film based on the life of your favorite classic author were made would you rejoice or be the first to sign a "do not make this film" petition?
I would REJOICE! There is no film that I know of on dear L.M. Montgomery! (ONE of my favorites.... I have a couple) ;)


  1. I think anything taking place through the 1940s is eligible for the Period Drama Challenge, if that helps you decide if the Miss Marple is eligible or not.

    And it's Olivia Hussey -- when in doubt, check! That's the Internet Movie DataBase, and it's invaluable when checking spelling, etc :-)

  2. Thanks for the helpful suggestions! I will have to remember to imdb things I am not sure of now.... I think Miss Marple was set post-WWII, so that's out. Too bad

    1. The first time I visited imdb, I think I spent an hour there. It was everything I'd always wanted! Searchable, cross-referenced... I love it. I'm there checking things at least once a day. Enjoy!