Monday, May 12, 2014

Confessions, recommendations, and a quick update

A quick update since I haven't posted in a while. School is ending soon. AP exam week is upon me, end of the year tests and exams are looming their heads and I just pray I'll have the strength to make it through with something good to show for it.

Lately, the only thing that has kept me sane are books. I once again stumbled upon Francine Rivers while at my local library. I had nothing else to read, so I picked up Voice in the Wind, the first book in the Mark of the Lion series. It wasn't my usual type of book. It was set in Rome, with gladiator fights and Christians being fed to the lions. I was rather uncomfortable with some scenes in the book, but it all serves a purpose: to show the weakness and corruption of us all and the salvation that is there for those who heed and follow Christ.

I used to be really uncomfortable when people would "talk religious." That was only for Sundays. For church. Only priests and crazy zealous Christians spoke that way. People didn't have a personal relationship with an all powerful God, did they? Apparently, they do. More and more I have come to understand God is not to be put away on Sunday and brought out again with the nice Sunday service clothes. He wants me. All of me. Everyday. Why? I don't know. But I am so thankful.

So for Christmas I asked for a Bible. Since I left Catholic school, I have not been to church with any regularity. That has changed. I wonder how I never listened very well before. Church was a chore, do be done as math homework or cleaning your room. Wow, was I wrong.

Every sermon, every word hits home. That's me. Every word applies. Every word speaks to my heart. And before I would have scorned any such admission. I am a good person. Everyone says so. God must be pleased. Wow, had I got a lot to learn. I still do. Before I read the Mark of the Lion series, I feared talking of God and Jesus Christ. What would my friends and family think? I know what I would have thought. I would've been extremely uncomfortable, eager to change the subject. I didn't even want to talk about it on this blog! And on this blog I am pretty anonymous, so that is sad.

But I am here to say I am working on it. Pray for me. And whether you read this series or not, I just thought everyone should know about it. It might not have the impact it had on me, but maybe it will. So I am putting the recommendation and story out there..... This is hard. But I am glad I am doing it. I better stop rambling and publish the post before I lose my nerve.

Goodbye, lovelies! Hopefully soon I will actually have the time and energy to do a comprehensive review. Until then, au revoir!


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    1. Really?! What books have you read of hers? Have you read the Mark of the Lion series? Leota's Garden? The Sin Eater? I'd love to hear what you thought of them!

    2. I've actually only read one book of hers, 'Leota's Garden'- oh no, I've also read the Scarlet Thread, which was also very lovely. I really enjoyed them!!
      She's not my favourite author, but nevertheless very enjoyable. I'd love to read the lineage of Grace series- my mum read them and she said they were THE best.
      I wonder have you read any of Lynn Austins books? She's my favourite author! She's even bettah than Francine Rivers! :)
      Sorry it took a while to comment back- I didn't check up. Thanks for answering!

  2. Glad to see you back, Maddie Rose! :-)

    I am SO happy to hear that you've begun to understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God. I've grown up in a Christian home, so I've always been around people talking about God, but I also know how it is to feel uncomfortable about it because I still struggle with it myself. I hope that you continue to grow in Christ, and I'm praying for you! :-)

    I've never read any Francine Rivers, but my sister read Redeeming Love and said it was one of the best books she's ever read, and I've heard other people say that A Voice in the Wind was very influential in their walk with Christ. I don't usually read books set in Bible times either, but this sounds like a really good series so I think I will check it out.


    1. Thanks for your prayers! While I have grown up in a "Christian" household, He was never the focus. Now I am making it so. It is hard, but it is the only way.

      I have read a lot of Francine Rivers lately, and have enjoyed them all. I haven't read Redeeming Love, but it is on my to read list. Francine's books often deal with some hard topics, but I have found these things to enhance the story rather than detract from it. I would recommend them, but not to a younger girl. At a certain age though, I think these are wonderful! They have helped me a lot. Have fun with the books :)

  3. How wonderful that these books have helped you be more comfortable and open about your faith! It's hard for me to discuss my faith too, and people look at me weird when I say that, because my dad's a pastor, my father-in-law is a pastor... shouldn't I be "good" at this sort of thing? But the Devil, the world, and our own sinful flesh work hard to convince us that our faith in Christ should be interior, hidden, never talked about -- Satan hates the fact that by talking about Christ, we can spread the good news about salvation and thus thwart Satan's plan to have as many people in hell with him as possible.

    Hurrah for books!