Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunshine Award

I have been nominated by Hamlette for the Sunshine Award. So I have to answer five questions:
1.  What is the next book you plan to read?
I plan to read Corrie ten Boom's book The Hiding Place. I have heard good things about that book, but I am hesitant to start it because I know it'll be sad. :(

2.  Have you ever seen the same movie in the theater more than once?
Hmm... nope. I actually don't go to the theater that much, period. I watch more old movies than new ones.

3.  Do you prefer pirates or cowboys?
Hmm... Cowboys. Pirates would rob me and sink my ship. Cowboys are usually good and they are country, so they would probably have a sweet Southern drawl. :)

4.  Have you ever been to an ocean?
Yes, in fact I just came back from a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC... so beautiful! We watched the sunset on the beach every night and there were always dolphins nearby where we were staying. 

5.  You're casting a new movie version of your favorite book.  Who are your top choices for the leads?

Hmm... I can't think of any improvements I would want to make of the movie version of Anne of Green Gables with Meagan Follows, so I shall choose another favorite book. I'll pick a trilogy. And I don't care if that is "cheating." It's my blog. :)

The Mark of the Lion series: (If I were choosing my dream cast)

Emmy Rossum

Marcus Valerian

Julia Valerian
Ryan Newman

Chris Hemsworth

Gemma Arterton

Amanda Seyfried

Logan Learman

Ian Somerhalder

Emilia Clarke

Dr. Alexander
Emanuele Bosi

Here are just some of the characters and how I envisioned them to be. I got these pictures and ideas from some Mark of the Lion dream cast Pinterest boards I'm following, so the credit really goes to them. :)
I know I haven't done Julia's 1st or 3rd husband, Decimus, Bato, Theophilus, Ania, and other characters (there are a lot!) but I tried my best. 
Man I wish this was a real movie!!! Are there any Hollywood directors reading my blog (haha)? Cause we could make this thing happen :)

Well this was fun! Thanks for nominating me Hamlette.


  1. Cool casting! With Chris Hemsworth in there, I'd watch it :-)

    Hilton Head! I think I've passed through there, but never really stayed. My family stayed at Charleston, SC, several times, and I love it there. Especially in September, when the crowds were gone but the water was still warm.

    I read The Hiding Place once, probably almost twenty years ago. I recall it was moving, and I liked that it was about Dutch people because I'm half Dutch.

  2. Aggggggghh! I can't believe I never found your blog (or this post) till now. I LOVE your cast for the Mark of the Lion trilogy. They're all absolutely perfect, except that I don't see Alexander quite the way the pictures shows.
    (Yes, I know, this post was months ago, but I just HAD to comment and tell you that your choices of people to cast were absolutely perfect in every way.) :-D

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Katie! I had a lot of fun putting the cast together- if only they were actually making a movie... Maybe someday. :)

      Also, welcome to my blog! I am glad you like it. I love to hear from new people! (No matter how "late" the comment may be ;))